Take Action to Prevent the Flu

It takes two weeks after vaccination for your body to build protection against flu viruses. Since it is not possible to know exactly when the flu season will start each year, it is best to get your flu vaccine before flu viruses start to spread in your community. CDC recommends people get vaccinated by the end of October, if possible. https://go.usa.gov/xRpzK

Fight the Flu

This fall, everyone in your family, 6 months and older, should get a flu shot. Get your family vaccinated against the flu by the end of October, if possible. https://go.usa.gov/xRpeM


#BringYourBrave is a @CDCBreastCancer campaign to educate young women on the risk factors for breast cancer before age 45. Read about seven young women who are sharing their stories to inspire other young women to learn their risk for breast cancer. http://1.usa.gov/1YfDjTO

Pain Mapping Tool

Pain can be complex and difficult to describe in the short time you may have with your health care provider. This tool can help you create a detailed picture of
your pain — where it is, how it feels, how much it hurts, and what triggers it. Fill it out before your visit, print it, and share it with your provider. It will provide a lot of important information fast, so you and your provider can begin to address your issues more quickly.  https://theacpa.org/painMappingTools/