Our Company

Health Management Partners is a true partner to our clients, essentially becoming an extension of our client.  We provide guidance and expert leadership in project development, implementation, and evaluation using an individualized approach.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide high quality service and the ability to meet unique client programming needs while remaining nimble to changes demanded by the rapid evolution of healthcare.

High Touch Services.

  • Dedicated coach provides care across all programs
  • Frequent contacts
  • Comprehensive review for program eligibility
  • Interdepartmental collaboration
  • Responsive to client and member resulting in high customer satisfaction results
  • UM performed by clinical staff (no auto-authorization)
  • Collaboration with provider/care team
  • Comprehensive pharmacy review including direct contact with member and providers


  • Provider of expert guidance throughout healthcare journey
  • Focus on member identified problems and goals
  • Employ motivational interviewing
  • Early identification of gaps in care
  • Opt-in, not opt-out, model with strong participation rates
  • High satisfaction scores

Relationship based.

  • Trustworthy and committed to meeting member needs
  • Meaningful conversations with no scripting or arbitrary time limits
  • Higher than national level engagement rate


  • Health education tools incorporating behavior change
  • Utilization and care management tools
  • Oncology treatment platform



  • Knowledgeable (certifications, specialty experienced)
  • 100% of case managers obtain CCM-certification
  • Reduced costs (low readmission and event rates, low NICU admissions, well managed utilization)
  • Resourceful in regards to benefits and networks, while promoting consumer accountability
  • Improved biometrics
  • High medication adherence rates
  • Innovative programming such as the Spine Program improve quality of life and decrease ER utilization
  • Audit of clinical services (AON, 2015) recognized HMP as “providing services consistent with best practices seen only in dedicated and custom clinical programs provided by national carriers for jumbo employers.”
  • URAC accredited in Health Utilization Management, Case Management, and Disease Management