Heat Safety Awareness

Today is Heat Safety Awareness Day. As warmer weather approaches, is it important to be mindful of heat safety. Ready.gov has compiled a list of tips to keep everyone safe and prepared both indoors and outdoors during extreme heat.

National Women’s Health Week

This Week is National Women’s Health Week. This is a great time to schedule your annual health exam if you haven’t already done so! Contact your Primary Care Provider to ensure that you are up to date on all recommended screenings and exams.

Hand Hygiene Day

Today is Hand Hygiene Day! Making healthy choices includes more than diet and exercise. It also means taking steps to protect yourself from illness. Take time today to follow these steps and make sure you are thoroughly scrubbing!

National Physical Education and Sports Week

This week is National Physical Education and Sports Week. Did you have a favorite sport when you were young? Why not get back to what you love? Check your city’s website or call your local parks and recreation department to see if there any community leagues available for softball, volleyball, basketball, and more! You might also consider joining a local running or hiking group if that is something you would enjoy! You will likely find encouragement and accountability through your team or group, and maybe make a few new friends as well!